I got a blog in wordpress.com

I started using wordpress.com to understand their feature and develop XOOPS Cube modules.

WordPress.com provides amazing services. At the beginning, I tried to import all entries in my blogger’s blog. For that, I prepared exported data at the control panel of the blogger. But, wordpress.com didn’t need it. WordPress.com imported all entries via web service. Also all photos were imported to my wordpress blog. Amazing! I was very surprised.

WordPress App for iPhone is very useful. WordPress has independent pages like simple CMS. With this App, I can update my pages. This approach is my dream at XOOPS Cube.

To continue updating my homepage, wordpress.com may be good place. Because I can update anytime anywhere and research cutting edge features.

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2 Responses to I got a blog in wordpress.com

  1. leco says:

    I set your blog feeds in my site.


  2. TeddyBC says:

    hmmm dear thats cool. i like these kind of information 🙂
    take care


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