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Test Code in game script

Your C/C++ code is asynchronous code, so it’s difficult to use a unit test framework. Game objects (actors) consist of some assets that are loaded async, receive message from asynchronous message system and have many behaviours that you should check … Continue reading

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My iMac was broken, but…

My iMac was broken a month ago. I didn’t send it to the repair center, because I’ve been busy these days. It’s hard days that I can’t write code in home, but I don’t have enough free time to do … Continue reading

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REAL-TIME CAMERAS is “a guide for game designers and developers”. This book lists many useful articles — basic knowledge, technical terms, camera motion, camera collision, script co-operation, camera path, interpolation and math. I imported this book from U.S. via Amazon … Continue reading

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There are two famous game engines — UE3 and gamebryo. UE3 is powerful game engine and provides uniformed toolset developed by Unreal Technology. It sounds great for game designers. Gamebryo is an integrated game engine, module-oriented design and provides various … Continue reading

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Video game development productivity

Video game developers develop games for users who play games. If we release games to get saraly, we are no longer video game developers. I’m interested in video game development productivity, because improving productivity is very interesting activity for programers. … Continue reading

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PSP go review

PSP go was shipped on Novenber 1. It Is priced at about 26,000 JPY. I made a reservation for PSP go, but it is not must. It was not sold out. When PSP go was shipped, the Playstation Store launched … Continue reading

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