PSP go review

PSP go was shipped on Novenber 1. It Is priced at about 26,000 JPY. I made a reservation for PSP go, but it is not must. It was not sold out.

When PSP go was shipped, the Playstation Store launched some titles of existing UMD titles.

I bought PSP go, because I wanted small PSP like iPhone. I enjoy playing games on a commuter train. There are many Japanese people who play games. But, in Tokyo, PSP-3000 is too large to use on a commuter train. At morning, many people take a commuter train. Therefore, I wanted small PSP.

PSP is just iPhone or iPod touch. This is just size for me. PSP go’s screen size is smaller than PSP-3000, but go’s progressive screen is very very beautiful. Unhappy, dithering of existing titles gives dirty feeling.

PSP go has many problems. My UMD collections are not converted to PSP go, so I had to pay money to get download edition. And, I can not release my PSP-3000. Because the PS store doesn’t list all existing titles. Falcom’s titles don’t supply download edition. So I have to keep PSP-3000.

I think that PSP go is a public test for the next generation portable game console. But, we, users can enjoy multimedia and games with this new type PSP. This experience is not bad.

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  1. Abdone says:

    Thanks for share this really usefull article and nice forum

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