Video game development productivity

Video game developers develop games for users who play games. If we release games to get saraly, we are no longer video game developers.

I’m interested in video game development productivity, because improving productivity is very interesting activity for programers. The activity simplify development and make pipiline clear.

Is this activity for our budget? No, I think that this activity is for game users. Improved productivity enables that game designers develop games by iterative method. This improves game quality.

We, Japanese developers can learn various methods/technologies and many things from North America/Europe developers.

– “Scrum” development.
– Establish the job called game desiger.
– Tool-driven development.
– Build up a game engine that integrates components.
– Improve content pipeline and asset pipeline.

My favorite activity of various activities to improve productivity is asset pipeline design. That’s really interesting. Now, I work on asset load pipeline.

Great pipeline bring in great productivity. Perhaps, general asset pipeline consists of convert, load and hot-swap. We have to provide short loading time and great graphics to users. And programers have to provide hot-swap feature to game designers and artists.

So writing code to improve asset pipeline is very interesting. That is one of reasons that I work on improved productivity. Programers have to dissolve fat pipeline, and re-design it. It requires expert skill to programers, so programers have to check many existing pipeline system. There is worth that we work on. After we improve pipeline, game designers, artists and users become happy.

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