There are two famous game engines — UE3 and gamebryo. UE3 is powerful game engine and provides uniformed toolset developed by Unreal Technology. It sounds great for game designers.

Gamebryo is an integrated game engine, module-oriented design and provides various third-party middleware source code to customers. It sounds great for developers. Because gamebryo integrates other thecnology, you can integrate your original technology to gamebryo.

I like both game engines, because they have implemented excellent runtime and useful toolkit. And, I like gamebryo design than UE3. When you design game engine in big developer that will develop many genre games, you think that you should develop an engine like gamebryo not UE3.

It seems that gamebryo takes excellent design. But, I think that developers having a certain level of technology don’t hope to require gamebryo. The reason is that such developers already have shared game engine like gamebryo design. If they need outside technology, they pay money to third-party middleware that may be integrated to gamebryo.

In other words, gamebryo is an excellent tray under combo meal of middleware. You put your technology and additional technology on the tray, but you still have your tray. What do you do?

Because you know that gamebryo is used to develop Oblivion and Fallout, you want to buy gamebryo and pay money to support and royalty. But, big developers have their tray and can provide it to subconstract enterprises without royalty. They don’t hope to pay money a new tray like their tray.

See MT framework. CAPCOM never introduce gamebryo.

But I respect gamebryo’s design.

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