REAL-TIME CAMERAS is “a guide for game designers and developers”. This book lists many useful articles — basic knowledge, technical terms, camera motion, camera collision, script co-operation, camera path, interpolation and math.

I imported this book from U.S. via Amazon Japan.

The book says “this is a guide for also game designers”, but I feel that this book is basically for programers because most articles require technical knowledge. Or, can game designers in North Amerika and Europe read this book? Perhaps most game designers in Japan (we call “planner”) can not this book, but this book has worth that they should read.

Camera systems are often developed for each title by each project. The reason why each project writes camera code is that the camera spec of each project is not generic. Generic camera code is very difficult. UBI tried a generic camera system, but that wasn’t success enough.

However, there is another reason that we don’t understand frequent specs and frequent discussions. Have you taken hit-and-miss-approach for camera system requirements? Don’t you understand what camera system is? I could learn many things from this book. And I knew that my knowledge about camera is not enough. So I recommend this book.

By reading this book, game designers and programers can share knowledge, prevent wasted discussions and avoid hit-and-miss-approach.

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