My iMac was broken, but…

My iMac was broken a month ago. I didn’t send it to the repair center, because I’ve been busy these days. It’s hard days that I can’t write code in home, but I don’t have enough free time to do it even if my PC is home.

In the fact, without PC (including Mac), I have nice days, use net, write mail and post blog. iPhone provides those features. When my project in my company is released, I perhaps want PC to use it in home. But, now, PC is not must.

In Japan, young people don’t want PC. Old time, young people ask their parents to buy PC. But, these days, they want mobile phone. They enjoy games with mobile. Oh my god.

Since my PC is not available, I understood this phenomenon. PC is must to create something, but PC is not must to use something. We, I and you should think about these changes. This is not only Japanese culture.

Chrome OS will change NetBook, but, I think that consumers will not need NetBook for their life.

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4 Responses to My iMac was broken, but…

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    Sure technology is changing our habits. There’s an important step to learn “gestures and movement to control mobile phones” before we get tools to create and share with mobile devices. Example, the Photoshop mobile app was released for Android Smart phones, after the iPhone version.

    Article : Gestures set to shake up mobile user interfaces
    The use of gestures and movement to control mobile phones has already started to take off and will change users’ habits even more than touch screens, expert says

  2. leco1 says:

    In Brazil this phenomenon also being observed particularly as new generations of Internet

    • minahito says:

      That phenomenon is a part of the future. In the future, most application will be ready in the server. Users connect their “something” to the server and get to use it without installing. Their data will be saved to the server.

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