XC doesn’t have re-implementation

Mr. onokazu told me the definition of “glue frameworks”. It can integrate other libraries and be integrated to other frameworks. For example, CakePHP is not a glue framework, because it is ALL-IN-ONE.

The new XC core will have the main sequence, so that will not be a glue framework. I don’t know whether the XC core is a glue framework. But, I think that we will not need to write code that is implemented by other libraries. Instead of implementation, we should provide interface for MOD developers.

Interfaces are very important. It evens out differences between libraries. If interfaces aren’t provided, our code depends on the specific library. We avoid such situation as much as possible.

Of course, we pay attention to licence of other libraries. If the library that we need conflicts with our licence, we write code to implement necessary feature.

We will reduce amount of code. On the other hand, I have the plan that we enhance the existing code. That is special features that the core should implement directly.

Works for core will not need a long amount of time. The core has only interfaces and small features. That is very small. Community’s hard mission is that someone develop the implementation called “BASE” on the new core.

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3 Responses to XC doesn’t have re-implementation

  1. onokazu says:

    I think what all developers are waiting for is an acutual implementation of “BASE” that you are referring to.
    A fully working sample application (or BASE) developed on top of the XC core libraries. As I see it, XCL is not
    one of the “BASE”s since it does not implement the main sequence and the task systems added to the core,
    or is it going to be?

    • minahito says:

      I agree your opinion all in all. I thought that the project should not develop an actual implementation of BASE, because I felt that the project force something to developers and users. But, that is really foolish thought. I have to mend my thought and my policy.

      After the project provides good modular core system, the project should develop BASE on the core. When “one BASE” can not solve conflicted requests, someone develop “yet another BASE” by exchangable concept. So an actual implementation of BASE has to be “big draft”, “good sample” and “bad sample”.

      Because there are great programers who are better than me, this is not meaning that “minahito writes BASE code to build official BASE”. I (we) will develop a trigger that a Yet-Another Base developers appear.

      I have kept busy status for these four years, but this status will be end soon. I will get enough free time to write code, write BASE, discuss in English/Japanese and write documents. And I will visit many sites in enough free time, so I will share the goal with developers and users.

  2. gigamaster says:

    Well, there are many good reasons to be optimistic about the future of XOOPS Cube Project ^_^

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