Merry X’mas!

Merry X’mas! I’ve finished most parts of my tasks in my company yesterday. I have some thing that I have to do, but these tasks are insignificant. 2 days ago, I got a new MacBook Pro instead of my broken iMac. I came back online and open source world. I am no longer “busy busy Japanese”. I have enough free time to commit some thing to some project.

I’m glad to restart committing XC project. At the beginning, I will host some discussions to determine my tasks. I will read many topics, post my opinions, discuss many things, write enough documents and write small code for small core.

BTW, today is my final business day in this year. You may unbelieve that we’re working now. For many Japanese, New Year’s Holidays called “Shogatsu” is important holidays. So this week is business days, yet. πŸ™‚

In New Year’s Holidays, I will go to my parents’ home and give some present. I’m looking forward to go to Hiroshima, my country.

I’ll hold some book when I go to Hiroshima. These books written in English gives important knowleadges to me. Since I can not read English quickly, I haven’t read many parts of these books. I’ll read these books while holidays. Reading English is learning English, for me.

Next year, I’ll try to implement game engine, game framework and game asset pipeline. So I have to learn many advanced technologies from Europe and North America. I respect their works and their technologies. These books teach some part of their works.

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2 Responses to Merry X’mas!

  1. Ciroip says:

    So, Happy Shogatsu and I wish you a good ‘journey’ to Europe and NorthAmerica πŸ˜‰

  2. Christian says:

    Hi, I disturb you about this article:

    I’m searching this plugin but the link inside the article is wrong, can you send me a copy of python script. I need a directx exporter for XNA Animation Component Library.


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