I attended to the event called GamePM at last Sunday. A full name of GamePM is “Game Project Management study meeting”. Many game developers who have different disciplines came to Ebisu. There were 2 main sessions, 4 lighting talks, 1 workshop and beer party.

Door plate of GamePM#8

Door plate of GamePM#8

At the first main session, the veteran programer talked a way to generate others’ motivation.

At the next main session, the technology manager of a certain company showed a brief look of “Agile Game Development With Scrum” written by Clinton Keith. I knew this book is valuable, but I haven’t finished reading it, because it is written in English. He had finished reading it and told us some topics. It was very interesting.

Ready for GamePM #8

Ready for GamePM #8

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  1. I am a very old man. 24 years ago I retired from IBM as a senior systems engineer. I started out studying singing, and I read your pages as if they were describing my search for fulfillment. Different steps, same stairs. Hang in there!

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