Game Engine Architecture JA edition

At end of last year, a Japanese publisher, Softbank Creative translated Game Engine Architecture into Japanese and then published it. I helped it as one of supervisors with my co-workers. Two professional translators was translating this book. But they were not professional engineers. So we corrected some misses. That was tough work, but great experience for me.

And then, we had an internet radio program for this book and invited the author via skype, who is Mr. Jason Gregory. I was glad that I talked with him.

This story is 9 months ago. I have begun translating new books. As you know, my English skill is not enough to translate books. But I want to try it, because there are a lot of nice books written in English.

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One Response to Game Engine Architecture JA edition

  1. Alex says:

    Nice book to be translated!!! and the Author is always willing to answer question about.

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