Two big events in Japanese game industry

Next month, Tokyo Game Show and Amusement Machine Show will be held in Makuhari for 3-4 days. Tokyo Game Show is a show for console and mobile video games. Amusement Machine Show is a show for arcade games.

In Japan, the market size of amusement center is bigger than another one. An amusement center is called a “game center” in Japan. You can find game centers anywhere in Japan. It’s fun to create a new arcade video game, because almost all arcade games have special peripherals and special hardware. In addition, developers can go to amusement centers and watch directly how users enjoy playing their game. Japanese amusement centers and foreign countries buy a lot of our games. For example, there aren’t a lot of game center in USA, but USA import a lot of arcade game from Japan. Successful video games are ported to console.

Fortunately, I will take a part in both this year. I finished developing a console title and joined to an arcade title again.

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