My Global Game Jam 2012 Game

I went to Tokyo University of Technology Hachioji campus and create a simple action puzzle game with college students. You can download it, or play on the web. It needs more tweak level of difficulty. (Plus, fix bugs!)

The Tokyo University of Technology provides place for education. There were a lot of college students. Teachers chose members of each team. Their policy is that one team has one professional developer. Basically others were young students. But young talents helped professional developers.

I wanted to get “how to create a good prototype game rapidly”, and wanted to implement all sequences that an arcade style game needs, like a leader board. I implemented some of them and gave up others.

Nice 48 hours. I’ll go to there next year.

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7 Responses to My Global Game Jam 2012 Game

  1. Alex says:

    Like this =D. (I left some other comments about you stuff hope you enjoy them.)

  2. AlexMcain says:

    Uh! O.o… I notice was done using Unity 3D…its so strange how this engine was spread around the world even on Japan….I have a fraind working inside Unity company I will tell him about this XD.

  3. AlexMcain says:

    fraind = friend sorry the mistake XD.

  4. AlexMcain says:

    Didn’t work =C could test it.

  5. AlexMcain says:

    sorry my mistake again(I’m at work right now so it’s difficult to write slow ). again could test it well write is : couldn’t test it. Cheers.

  6. minahito says:

    Thank you for your comment! The reason why Japanese developers like Unity is…

    I think other game engines are expensive, and basically shooter type engine. Unity 3D is inexpensive and simple. So Japanese developers can try it at home, even if their office don’t invest into Unity 3D. This is very important.

    These days I’m using UDK, Unity 3D and CryENGINE 3. Unity 3D is very good editor but not good performance. But, many Japanese developer studios don’t have enough budget. They can’t develop Hollywood-type game such as CoD and GOW. They hope to develop minimum game like mobile game or social game, to survive. Unity 3D is the best engine for that.

    My favorite use of Unity 3D is prototyping.

  7. AlexMcAin says:

    Yes u are right about that…but many companies in Japan made Hollywood type games, Resident Evil or final fantasy/Metal Gear are not Japanese? (of course I like Valkyrie profile or other anime type games that look better than does I mention but still…). can i ask a question did you know it’s difficult for some foreign guy get a job in japan?

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