AOU Show 2012

I went to AOU show. This is game show in Japan for arcade game.

Arcade game is one of big video game markets in Japan. In almost all countries, an arcade game market is very small. But, in Japan and some Asian countries, the arcade game market is the same size as a console video market.


Arcade game developers sell arcade game machines. Operators in an amusement center buy those machines. Basically, developers invite operators to private show. But, there is a publish show that game player can attend. That is AOU show. AOU is Amusement Operators’ Union.

Arcade game studios give free ticket to many employees who work for arcade games. So I got free ticket! AOU show isn’t large scale show like TGS (Tokyo Game Show), but that’s enough to check rival studios’ games and watch people’s reactions to our games and their games.




This is 2days show. The first day is the business day. I went to the business day. So all visitors are amusement operators or developers. If you live in Japan, you can buy a ticket for the last day, go to there and play games free! I can play unique games that are difference from console games.

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2 Responses to AOU Show 2012

  1. AlexMcAin says:

    Looks amazing here or in other part in Europe I went Arcade games seems dying =C. But they used to be really cool. ( I can’t forget Golden Axe… a master piece to be played.. here we call them
    “fichines” a spanish word XD)

  2. AlexMcAin says:

    Sorry I forgot to use comas XD let me rewrite: Looks amazing, but here or in other parts in europe I went, Arcade game seems dying. ..thats my correction.

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