GDC trip 2012


I went to the United States from 27th Feb to 10th Mar. In these 2 weeks, I visited to Digipen and some studios, and attended GDC. It was an awesome trip.

I planned the trip as the private trip so that I payed all costs of the trip. But, it became a business trip.

Last year, I went to GDC. It was a private trip. I enjoyed very mush so I planned to go to GDC 2012 as a private trip, with one of my friends. He proposed that we visit to Digipen, animation studios and game developers. He could contact to Digipen student and the employee of Nickelodeon, Pixar, Lucas and so on. They are Japanese and his friend. I agreed it and proposed that we visit to Naughty Dog. When I finished to help “Game Engine Architecture Japanese edition”, Mr. Jason Gregory said that I can visit to Naughty Dog, if I go to L.A.

And I thought my co-workers should go those studios with us, because I can’t report all the experiences of this trip to my office. So I told the plan to my office, that we visit to Digipen, Nickelodeon, Naughty Dog, Pixar, Lucas and so on.

Finally my office decided to let more 5 guys join to us, and made my private trip a business trip. It was very helpful for us. Because we got a translator and drivers having an international driver lisence and the experience of driving a car in U.S. If they didn’t come, we had to take taxi and speak English correctly in Naughty Dog.

I couldn’t write a detail of the trip, because it was a business trip and I had NDA with some studios. But I can still write about the rest of them. I’ll try to write in English.

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