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E-books in Japan

I bought “ScanSnap” which is the most popular of document scanners in Japan. I’m scanning many paper books. (This “paper book” means “not e-book”.) How to use this? Before I use my document scanner, I order Kinko’s to cut out … Continue reading

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Which one is the best ending of Zeta Gundam?

Today I’m talking about “Zeta Gundam”[] which is one of Japanese TV animations. Zeta Gundam was made as a next episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam”[] which is the most famous animation product in Japan. “Gundam” has a warfare story that … Continue reading

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Why do we need 60fps or don’t need it?

In the current generation, many titles have selected 30fps or less, because the GPU of the current generation isn’t powerful enough. But, you can play an action game in 30 fps? Less frame rate means that you get less amount … Continue reading

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