Which one is the best ending of Zeta Gundam?

Today I’m talking about “Zeta Gundam”[wikipedia.org] which is one of Japanese TV animations. Zeta Gundam was made as a next episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam”[wikipedia.org] which is the most famous animation product in Japan. “Gundam” has a warfare story that each soldier drives their robot called “Mobile suit”. Japanese love robot animation, because we hate real weapons like battle tank which we used them to attack other countries in WW2. So Japanese make SiFi-animations have real warfare story.

The theme of Zeta Gundam is that people never understand each other. By the ending of that, almost all characters died. Everyone had possibility to stop war but died. Finally, the main character “Kamille Bidan”[wikipedia.org] killed the evil man who had been creating the confuse in the war. But, Kamille became crazy and regressed to childhood to escape from facing to the world where people couldn’t understand each other. When I saw this ending, I was an elemental school student. I was shocked from this ending. “Why the main character can’t be happy!? He is the main character of this drama!”.

But, the director of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino remade Zeta Gundam in 2005 for the movies that is called “Zeta Gundam A New Translation”. In the movie edition, Kamille was unhappy but basically positive. Finally, he didn’t regress to childhood. In the end of this movie, he hugged his girl friend and was glad of the end of war. Almost all main characters died like TV edition, but he didn’t stop believing that the world will be better. He survived and became happy in the movie edition.

I love this another ending as well as the TV edition’s. Because I’m not young today, so I don’t want to see that young man become unhappy. But many Gundam funs are discussing this ending.

(C) Sunrise

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One Response to Which one is the best ending of Zeta Gundam?

  1. AlexMcAin says:

    Hi again =), I understand, when MOSPEADA ends and others(big list to add it here) with no clear endings(the hero not getting the girl etc etc), I fill the almost same, that something was missing but then when time pass(I grew XD) I started to understand that is good sometimes to accept that kind endings. (Uf I’m at work so please this time you forgive my English writing). Cheers

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