I am in Cologne

I am here for GDC Europe and gamescom. By the way, all Germany women are beautiful!


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7 Responses to I am in Cologne

  1. Graeme says:

    I’ll teach you all the German that I know.
    One beer please: アインビーアビッタ
    Six beers please: シェクスビーアビッタ

    After six beers, when you start talking to the pretty German girls:



    Hope you have a good time in Germany.

  2. minahito says:

    Hi, Graeme.
    Thank you for your teaching! I had a lot of beer. These beers are inexpensive and good. I visited to toy stores, electric stores, game stores, board game stores, super markets, restaurants and tap rooms. I think there are 3 reasons why I should stay here.

    1. Beers are really inexpensive. I can drink 500ml beer under 1.5 EUR. I shouldn’t go back to Japan.
    2. There are a lot of unique PC games. And, they are inexpensive. I can buy indie games and large-scale games with 6.5 EUR or 10.0 EUR.
    3. Women are pretty, cute or beauty. I should not leave here, right?

    • Graeme says:

      My good friend’s mom is from a small city called Bamberg in Bavaria. It’s north of Munich. We used to eat a lot of German food together. I miss that.

      If you haven’t already, try a weissbier (wheat beer). Two common brands that I think you can find are Fransiskanner Hefeweissen and Paulaner Hefeweissen, but anything that says hefeweissen should be good. They also have dark versions, too, if you like darker beer. (Dunkel Hefeweissen). In fact if you like _really_ dark beers, order a dopplebock. I miss really good beer.

      The German PC game market is very big. One of the games I worked on specifically required a PC version because of the German market demand. If you make your own indie game on PC, find a German friend to do translation for you and sell it on Steam and I think you won’t be sorry.

      • minahito says:

        Thank you for your comment. I looked for the beer you pointed, but didn’t find. Maybe I should have gone to bar. I drunk a lot of beer in “Gaffel am Dom” that is inexpensive good restaurant.

        I should have made German friends in this journey to ask my indie games to publish the German market. But I didn’t complete my own game. I have a next chance in next gamescom after I complete my own game.

        I bought some games. I’m looking forward to play them.

  3. AlexMcAin says:


    Point 3:.. Just to says yes they are XD adn should not.


    • minahito says:

      I couldn’t make my girl friend… I saw a hundred of Anne Hathaway in Cologne. And, a beautiful lady like actress was selling breads in gamescom. I got a new motivation to learn English!

  4. AlexMcAin says:

    Hahaha yes…I know what you mean XD. But to be honest Japanese ladies are cute too.

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