GDC Europe 2012

GDC Europe 2012 was smaller than GDC 2012. But, it was exciting and fun. Sessions focused on “how to create better game/your game” rather than “how to earn a lot of money”. I think this is the specific trend of GDC Europe. There were no sessions where presenters said “I did better than others”. That’s common sense. But, sometimes we forget it. There were just great sessions. A lot of portfolio was to share their fault. I didn’t face at their big talk. What honest! They are creating games that they feel good. That is the most important thing.

This journey changed my mind. I can’t explains it well here, but I’m going to write more entries about this
movement later.

I’m going to leave Cologne. I will arrive at Japan and then go to CEDEC (a kind of GDC in Japan) as a speaker. I have 4 sessions at CEDEC 2012. I’m going to review my slides in airplane, to make them closer to GDC Europe spirit.

By the way, I’m drinking beer ‘bitburger’ now in gamescom. I had to do that, to learn the culture of Europe, right?


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6 Responses to GDC Europe 2012

  1. Graeme says:

    The list of sessions at CEDEC this year looks interesting (the parts that I can read anyway). There seems to be more stuff from traditional developers than mobile developers. That surprises me because of how many mobile games were at TGS.

    Good luck with your sessions. Post the presentations when you’re done (and translate them to English if you have the time!)

    BTW, Bitburger is a good beer, but I prefer Spaten. šŸ™‚

    • minahito says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Japanese mobile developers doesn’t solve some legal issues yet, so they didn’t submit their speech idea to CEDEC. I’m going to 3 panel discussions — stereoscopic, training and global game jam and have a talk about in-house game jam. I can translate the last one into English. So I’ll try it.

      I’m in cologne airport. I’ve just drunk a glass of fion? or fian?

  2. AlexMcAin says:

    Weiss any beer garden..they taste very good and I’m not like alcohol at all. Interesting about that they start to go back when games dev make them for fun and like more than $$$ and ego. About CEDEC I will take a look too, because I thought the same as you @Graeme.


  3. AlexMcAin says:

    sorry it’s Weiss biiru XD right?

  4. AlexMcAin says:

    sorry again “Iā€™m not like” -> I don’t like…learn from my errors never try to write in english when you(in this case me) are in crunch time.

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