Pay for No Ads

Here is my Japanese blog in Hatena diary. Hatena dialy is free, unique and popular in Japan. It said “you can create your blog free without Ads”. But now, the users in Hatena need to pay money for No Ads. Not only Hatena, I’ve just finished paying $30 to hide Ads in my blog. I didn’t know that my blog was showing Ads to you. I saw Ads in my blog a little time ago, got surprised and then paid $30 to hide the Ads.

People paid money for the option that allows them to show Ads. Now they need to pay money for the option that disallows to show Ads. It’s change of the time.

Of course, Hatena and have the value of $30 per year. So I think that it’s no problem to pay it. But, when begun showing Ads in blogs? I really didn’t know it!

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7 Responses to Pay for No Ads

  1. AlexMcAin says:


    Sadly internet become a huge money gather, a big shop were in future we are going to pay even for the spam in the email.(I’m just over reacting XD). Anyways yes is sad to see how something that was suppose to be free and with a well marked politics change from one year to another.


  2. Kate says:

    あのう。。考えてから、game designerにとして働きたいと思います。しかし、どこ勉強がいいか?。。あのう日本とWestのゲームが違ってありますね。

    そして、game designerにどんな技術がたりるですか?特に日本では?



  3. minahito says:

    Thank you for your comment, Kate. I recommend that you’ll learn the knowledge of game design in Western university, because you can’t learn it in Japan. Japanese developers don’t define the job description of game designers. The developers think that’s the rest of other jobs: engineer, artist and composer. So it’s very difficult to get the job of game designer in Japan for everybody (including Japanese). Some developers don’t hire game designers, because they don’t trust Japanese university. Instead of that, they give some responsibility of game design to engineers and artists.

    Western defines what game designers are and has categorized matters of that. You can learn game design, level design, management, producing and so on in Western university.

    Some of my co-workers are American. They came to our company as internship once and then graduated American university. They have different knowledge and skills from Japanese. So our company has trusted them.

    • Kate says:

      This sounds pretty unfortunate xD I was really hoping to be studying in Japan, because I want to be there while I’m still young…
      but if that’s how things are..maybe it’s not worth to risk so much… Aren’t there any good universities? Wasn’t there an university in Kyouto?

      • minahito says:

        Hi Kate,

        I think it’s difficult to get the job of game designer for everybody, but it’s good to study abroad in Japan if you want it. Japanese developers need Western sense. So, if Japanese and you apply for the same job, the developer may hire you, I guess.

        Japan doesn’t have universities to get game degrees. But some universities have game classes. For example, Tokyo University of technology has game classes. Some foreigners study there.

  4. AlexMcAin says:


    That’s interesting, so in Japan don’t have the concept of a game designer…that’s good XD, for us developers and artist the game designers(I can’t see what i’m writtign because this text box it’s shrink and I don’t know why =(, firefox…) anyways writing blind, I will wrote: not always but sometimes the game designers are useless, or worst people with a lot of fantasies that forget we make the hard work for them, and sometimes they are simply great!!!, full of ideas and understanding the whole process. I suggest to read first books about the role then decide if oyu like it or not.


    • minahito says:

      Hi Alex. Recently wordpress has complex AJAX UI, so sometimes firefox might not work well.

      Well, game designers in your country make troubles, too? lol
      I added a new entry about “planner” that is a kind of game designers in Japan.

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