Bad game development process

I’m just hypothetically speaking. If there was the project such as the following, it would be bad game development process.

Producers, directors and game designers didn’t make any decisions about core concepts, core designs and core mechanisms, but the producers started to put people on their project. Artists and programers came to the project and had to work for their salary, but didn’t know what their tasks were. So they started to make something by a draft plan. The process manager created a new book on Excel.

After several months, the directors and the game designers made decisions and got approval from high position people, so the artists and the programers had to dump their results and then they had to start making new one from zero. The process managers drew gantt-chart on Excel.

After more several months, the game designers changed their thought and their plan. The artists and the programmers dumped their results again. It was hopelessly behind their schedule, so the producers put more people on the project. The process managers re-drew gantt-chart on Excel.

When their prototype worked, the game designers supposed that the game sucks. They changed their game design again. The project had to fix the design and go to the production phase, but they didn’t stop changing it. Sometimes the artists had to change the geometry having completed textures and UVs. Sometimes the programmers continued to implement the additional feature that the game designers had forgotten. The process managers stretched the bar of the gantt-chart on Excel.

At the last of the production phase, the producers and the directors suddenly did low-budget focus test. 4-8 people tested their game. Then the result of the focus test was bad, so they wanted the developers to change the game. They said “The crunch time will be just 3 months. Please keep going!”, but it became 6+ months. The process managers added new columns to the gantt-chart and filled it out.

When the game was almost all completed, it was time that the sales team got interested in the game. The guy in the sales team started sending their opinion to the developers. It gave additional big impact to the schedule or the life of the developers. The process managers noticed that nobody see the gantt-chart.

Finally, did the game get success?

Yes, it did:
The producers will keep this development process, because they got success.

No, it didn’t:
The producers make a decision immediately about firing the developers.

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3 Responses to Bad game development process

  1. AlexMcAin says:


    80% of the companies I know work like this XD hahaha anyways for me this one it’s the answer:

    No, it didn’t:
    The producers will keep this development process, because they don’t know.

    Time to time:
    The producers make a decision immediately about firing the developers.


  2. AlexMcAin says:

    Hi again I send you some mails hope you don’t mind. Happy new year.

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