GDC 2013

I’ve been in US for 15 days to attend GDC and visit some companies. It was long and nice business trip. I watched variety things, not only game category; Napa, movies, academy, CG productions, BBQ in a park and so on. It was first time for me to drive a car in US. I drove for 200 miles. (In the fact, I drove a car last year, but 288 feet. Nobody trusted my driving skill. But, this year, was only one non-alcohol policy guy of our group, so everybody had no options. The driver was me.)

I had to go to East Coast after GDC and then went back to West Coat, with working for Japan HQ, so these three timezones really made me confused. But, jet lag was no problem. I fixed it mostly in first 2 days. It was important to be exposed to sunny conditions.

The trip is very important for my life. When I arrived at US a half month ago, I had some problems on my mind. These were about my family, my life, my working style, my learning, our development process and where I should go. But, talking with some developers removed problems from my mind.

I’m writing this entry in the plane going to Japan. My mind is clear.

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3 Responses to GDC 2013

  1. Graeme says:

    Haha, good to see you back to blogging in English. Was your 200 mile drive all at once, or during the entire time?

  2. AlexMcAin says:

    Welcome back =), hehe I drive in Okinawa this February(2013), it’s easy compared to do it here but strange when you change sit from left to right, happily nothing happened.

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