My first visit to Singapore


I visited Singapore for a business meeting. I’ve been in Singapore for 4 days. It’s really nice place. The time difference from Japan is just 1h. No jet rag. The level of humidity may be higher than Japan. Cars run in the right lane like Japan. The capital city in Singapore is safety. Many woman are walking outside night. There are many kinds of foods — Western, Asian and Japanese.
People are friendly. But it was often difficult for me to take with them, because my English skill is too poor to listen to their “Singlish”. Plus, English is “Japanenglish”. It was beautiful effort to have a communication over this bad condition.

After a business meeting, I visited some shopping mall to check video game store and video game amusement center (aka “game center” in Japan). Many people are playing arcade video games, but I don’t know that how many Singapore people are playing console, handheld and PC games.
And then, I went to Sendosa island and ride on Segway. Segway isn’t allowed to use on road in Japan, so I’d never ride on Segway. It was first time for me. It was fun and new experience.

It seems that price in general doesn’t have big difference from Japan. The price of water and beer is higher a little than Japan. And I heard that it’s really expensive to rent in Singapore for foreign people. In another hand, taxi is lower price than Japan. But, the lowest cost might be corporation tax.

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