Two months ago, I went to Fukuoka and joined in a closed GameJam event in a carrier college school. Finally my team got the award, but every teams created interesting game.

GameJam means that temporary team creates a game in very short time like 48 hours. But the carrier college school can not have an overnight event for students, so this GameJam is shorter than standard GameJams, to give sleep to students.

Three engineers, two artists and a game designer went to Fukuoka from our company. All rest members are a student who is learning game development technique. I and my young coworker joined to the team having 6 students; 2 engineers, 2 artists and 2 game designers. Our team created simple “Run” style game having jump mechanics and got the award.

It was very exciting event but very tough. It was very snowing in Tokyo. I had to wait for a long time in Haneda Airport. I was afraid that the flight was canceled. When I went back to Tokyo, the flight was delay. I arrived at my home midnight and I had to go to the office next day, because I was in crunch time. Fukuoka is famous as delicious town for Japanese, but I didn’t have time to eat any specialty dishes. It is no problem. I totally enjoyed this journey.

BTW, I created one more game in the flight. I think that this game is too simple but not bad. It did not have a chance to promote in the ceremony. It didn’t make a sense for me. I added two games to my game development history.

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2 Responses to Game Jam with carrier colleague students

  1. AlexMcAin says:

    Hi There, nice!, game jam here it’s something not happen to often but I know some guys that made it, I never tried, oh did you made one on the plane do you have some pictures to show? how long it’s the flight?, oh I’m planning to go to Japan again this year or next on November.


    • minahito says:

      Hi Alex,

      My game made in the flight is not under my company’s control, so I can upload it! I’ll upload it at home. When you will come to Japan, please contact me. When you came to Japan before, I missed to check your mail. I’m sorry. This time I won’t miss!

      I’ve sent my properly e-mail address to you via LinkedIn.message.


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