Design Festa 39


I went to “Design Festa 39” today. It was the event for artists, craftsmen, performers, singers and so on. Everybody can participate in this event and get own booth. In their booth, they showed and sell their works.

Perhaps, this event has a long history. “39” means 39th. But I didn’t know this event before my friend decided to participate in the event. I imagined that Design Festa was small and not famous event. However it was wrong. There were so many visitors and the place of the event was very very large. Perhaps there were 300 over booths. It was difficult to check all booths.


Young artists showed painting on the wall. Perhaps most of them were an amateur. It seemed that they enjoyed the event and showing their skill.


These are a kind of wall decorations. It represents “cat is going throwing a wall hole.”



This booth sold interesting items that I feel Japan. It looks Samurai Armor. But, these are bags. All items were sold out. The booth sold other items. I bought a tatami strap for my PSVita.


The name of these items is Pandom; “Panda” + “Gundum” (Japanese popular SF animation).


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