I bought a new car and banned from driving

A year ago, Mazda launched a new car “Mazda2”. That is 4th generation of Mazda2. It has 1.5L Diesel engine, compact & lightweight body, many safe driving  assistants and polished red color painted by Mazda’s technology. It was very attractive for me. So I sold my old car (3rd generation of Mazda2) and bought it.

This new car was very powerful and attractive spec. So I … I wanted to test a maximum acceleration of my new car. I thought “This is very dangerous, illegal and immoral driving, but here is highway and there aren’t any other cars. ” I pressed down the gas pedal deeply for very short distance. While I was pressing down the pedal, I had never seen other cars. But there was a speed camera. 

After 2 months later, I received a postcard from highway police. The postcard said “we’re investigating your ilegal driving. Come in our office.”  I had to visit three difference offices; police office, trial and driving lisense office. A policeman, a judge and a public safety commission checked me from a different aspects and  came to the same conclusion; there is no room for leniency. Finally, I was banned from diriving at the end of October. By that, what happened on me? 

  1. The motor vehicle office revoked all my vehicle licenses excluding ship.
  2. I am not permitted to retake a license until next the end of October. 
  3. I have to attended an expensive class for the permission to retake a license. 
  4. After that, I will be able to challenge a driver lisense test in police, but it is very strict and not easy. So I may go to a driving school again.
  5. My car is on parking for a year. 

I will be a safe driver. 

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2 Responses to I bought a new car and banned from driving

  1. DhyvD says:

    Ouch. Sorry, sounds quite excessive.

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