Shiba Inu played with me

At the end of the year, I went back to my parents’ home, Hiroshima. I have been there for 6 years with my parents, my groundparents and two dogs. But, now, my parents and the 4th dog live in there.

  This boy doesn’t recognize me his family. But he knows that I have arms and can throw an object to play with him. 


He required me to throw an object many many times. And then, he began another game. He occupied an object and required me to try stoling the object. He really loves this game and can continue for a hour. 


I got the object from him, so he picked up another object from the garden and began a new game session. 


My family always lives with Shiba Inu. The first dog and the 2nd dog were mixed but the appearance of them was just Shiba. The 3rd dog was also mixed with Shiba. Because, in this country, almost all dogs are Shiba. I love them. 

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