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Leading to some improvement in Japanese developers

At the last entry, I wrote about unclear job descriptions in Japanese developer and said it’s a fatal problem on the productivity and a cause of working overtime. But I understood it’s not easy to reform Japanese system quickly and … Continue reading

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No Job Descriptions in Japanese Game Developers

In general, Japanese companies don’t define job descriptions clearly. This often makes a mismatch surrounding new graduates and lets them quit their companies. For example, a new graduate, whose major is software engineering, especially GPU computing, had gotten a job in … Continue reading

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E3 2016

E3 is a big and important event for a video game industry. Many developers had been working hardly until one or two week ago from E3, to complete E3 playable demo. Therefore, such developers are not so busy E3 week. … Continue reading

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Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan”

I went to Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan(海遊館)” which was selected Japan’s and Asia’s Best by TripAdviser Travelers’ Choise Award. Kaiyukan was really impressive, because it was characteristic of architecture. I don’t mention about outside but inside. All of aquarium I’ve seen … Continue reading

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​ Osaka (and Hiroshima) Food : Okonomiyaki

I introduced Takoyaki before. Subsequently, I’m writing about Okonomiyaki today. Wikipedia says “Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients”. That’s right. Okonomiyaki is widely available throughout Japan, but there are two different styles; Kansai (Osaka) style and … Continue reading

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Mac mini Late 2012 HDD replacement with Bootcamp

Last weekend, I spent much time to replacement/upgrade HDD of my Mac mini (Late 2012) from 500GB to 1TB. The old HDD had contained BootCamp volume, so I had to move the volume from old HDD to new one. Before … Continue reading

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Osaka Food : Takoyaki

Osaka is the biggest city in West Japan. It’s famous for good food. I could get good food in Tokyo, but it was a little expensive. In Osaka, I can enjoy good food at reasonable price. Today, I’m writing about Takoyaki … Continue reading

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