My first experience in IMAX 4DX

Have you watch Deadpool? Or bought the disk? In Japan, this film was released at June 1 in Japan. Wikipedia said the first release date is Feburary 6, so it’s about 4 months later.

However, it’s not bad for me. Because IMAX 4DX theater can be used for Deadpool. 4 months ago, 4DX theaters in Japan were used for Japanese animation film “GIRLS und PANZER“. If Deadpool was released on time, I couldn’t watch it in 4DX.

BTW, Do you know 4DX? 4DX is a special theater environment which has seat motion, wind, rain, fog, light and scents. It’s developed by South Korean company CJ 4D PLEX.

I’ve heard the reason of 4DX naming before. 2D is standard motion picture. 3D is stereoscopic. But, when a new dimension like seat motion is added, 3D turns to 4D. CJ 4D PLEX added more effects; wind, rain, fog, light and so on. These are represented by variable “X”. 4DX is now completed.

4D is common word in simulator ride industry. Simuline (South Korea) and Triotech (U.K.) are famous in this field.

I have developed such a video game whose title is Dead Storm Pirates 4D Plus. Dead Storm Pirates is an arcade shooting game and 4D plus is an extended version. I worked to extend it for stereoscopic. The original version in Japan already has motion seat, but the exported version omitted this mechanism. The extended version was a first version having motion seat in other countries, so it was allowed to plus 1D. (“Plus” of “4D Plus” means that the maximum number of local multiplayer was extended from two to four.)

I should get back to the original topic Deapool in 4DX. It was very excited. Seat motion made the action scenes more dynamic and more natural. I think seat motion is vital in 4DX experience. But, I don’t know other effects are worthy.

4DX may be popular in Asia. While U.S. has 4 sites, Japan has 10 sites. If you don’t live in Asia and will visit Asia, I recommend that you will check where 4DX theaters are.

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2 Responses to My first experience in IMAX 4DX

  1. Dan O. says:

    Sounds awesome! Nice post!

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