Osaka Food : Takoyaki

Osaka is the biggest city in West Japan. It’s famous for good food. I could get good food in Tokyo, but it was a little expensive. In Osaka, I can enjoy good food at reasonable price. Today, I’m writing about Takoyaki which is a representative of Osaka fast food.

What’s Takoyaki? Tako means Octopus. Yaki means Grill. So a direct translation of Takoyaki may be “Grilled octopus”. But, Takoyaki is a kind of pancake. I think a correct translation is “a portion of octopus within flour dough is grilled and served with sauce and spice”.

Takoyaki is very cheap. 6 pieces are about 3 dollars. Osaka people like Takoyaki as snack, there are many Takoyaki stands in Osaka. You can buy anywhere.

Basically, Takoyaki is sold in a stand, not a restaurant. But, a largish stand has a counter. In such a stand, you can eat-in. If it serves beer, you can enjoy a perfect combination of Takoyaki and beer. It’s in 7 dollars.

(BTW, Takoyaki has a high calorific value, so I think this is not a snack. I eat it as dinner or launch. A cause of high calorific is sauce and mayonnaise. Takoyaki is often dressed with mayonnaise. Of course, I request not to use mayonnaise. But it makes Takoyaki more tasty , especially for beer!)

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