​ Osaka (and Hiroshima) Food : Okonomiyaki

I introduced Takoyaki before. Subsequently, I’m writing about Okonomiyaki today. Wikipedia says “Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients”. That’s right. Okonomiyaki is widely available throughout Japan, but there are two different styles; Kansai (Osaka) style and Hiroshima style. In brief, Hiroshima style contains noodles. I came from Hiroshima, so I love Hiroshima style.

In Kansai style, a variety of ingredients is mixed in flour dough, grilled and served with sauce and spice. You can have widely options; beef, poke, sea foods, cheese and so on. The chosen foods are mixed in the flour dough. In some Okonomiyaki restaurants, you need to cook yourself. For example, famous Okonomiyaki restaurant franchise Okonomiyaki Tokugawa offers ingredients and rents equipment but they doesn’t cook.

Kansai people think that Okonomiyaki is a snack or a side dish to go with the rice. It’s unbelievable for Hiroshima people. Eating carbohydrate with carbohydrate!?


Hiroshima style consists of multi layers. Ingredients are not mixed in flour dough. The flour dough, the noodle and the chosen foods are grilled independently as a layer. Hiroshima people think that Okonomiyaki is a main dish for a lunch or a dinner. In Hiroshima city, Okonomiyaki is very reasonable lunch (about 4-5 dollars).

Anyway, Kansai people and Hiroshima people often eat Okonomiyaki. So you can find Okononomiyaki restaurant anywhere in these area. My cousin owns his Okonomiyaki restaurant and cooks everyday. If you will visit these area with your friends or your family, I recommend that you go to Okonomiyaki restaurant, order plural Okonomiyaki with different options and share them with your followers.

By the way, if you go to Hiroshima style restaurant or Hiroshima city, you pay attention to a word. While Kansai people think Okonomiyaki is Kansai style, Hiroshima people think Okonomiyaki is Hiroshima style. If you say “Hiroshima style, please” to order at a restaurant in Hiroshima, a cook might get angry. It’s popular joke in Japan, but someone really gets angry. I’ve seen such a situation many times! In Hiroshima, you can use only “Okonomiyaki” to order and don’t want to eat Kansai style there.

Plus, Don’t forget to order beer!


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2 Responses to ​ Osaka (and Hiroshima) Food : Okonomiyaki

  1. Micah says:

    this looks divine. the version i know is only from a fast food restaurant, teriyaki boy but i really liked it. in the pop up market near my house, there is takoyaki on sundays, which i also adore. you have the best food!

    • minahito says:

      Thank you for comment! I didn’t know that it’s possible to get Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki in U.S. Maybe both of them don’t depend on Japan, it’s possible to cook them in home, but it’s a little difficult.

      Until I’ll move to U.S, I’ll learn how to cook Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki!

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