E3 2016

E3 is a big and important event for a video game industry. Many developers had been working hardly until one or two week ago from E3, to complete E3 playable demo. Therefore, such developers are not so busy E3 week. It was time to take holidays. I took a couple of holiday and watched E3 live stream in YouTube.

I watched many trailers and many gameplay videos. All of them was really amazing, but one of best for me was Horizon Zero Dawn.

I watched a trailer, I didn’t feel that Horizon is best. The gameplay video completely fascinated me. It showed nice view of the world, see dynamic animations, a strategic combat system and frequent dialogue/monologue. Exploration, dialogue and combat are seamless connected. Cool! I can’t wait to play it!

The gameplay video of Horizon was shown in SIE press conference. SIE conference showed other game trailers or gameplay videos. I liked God of War and Detroit Become Human, too.

In addition, Watch Dogs 2 was also one of best, because I love Watch Dogs franchise and it set in San Francisco where I want to move in!

I’ve visited San Francisco many times. Watch Dogs 2 will be my first open world game in a real city where I’ve visited. It’s important. I’ve played a lot of real open world games before; The first Watch Dogs in Chicago, inFAMOUS Second Sun in Seattle and The Division in N.Y, but I’ve felt these games are the same as fantasy open world game like The Witcher 3. Because I haven’t been in both the cities and fantasy world. U.S. cities have big difference from Japanese cities. Maybe a U.S. residence might feel “It’s real. I’m walking in U.S. city” while playing The Division, even if the residence haven’t been in N.Y. But, in Watch Dogs 2, I will be able to feel it!

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