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Kings Glaive Final Fantasy XV

I watched a movie, Kings Glaive Final Fantasy XV, last weekend. Have you heard of this title? This film is a computer-animated film made in Japan. The story and the world is based on Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) which is … Continue reading

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I wrote a Unreal Engine 4 book

A year ago I published Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) book in Japan. The title was “Unreal Engine 4 De Kiwameru Game Kaihatsu” (Unreal Engine 4 で極めるゲーム開発”). The direct translation of that might be “Game Development Master Course with UE4.” Overview … Continue reading

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OSAKA WHEEL: The heightest Ferries wheel in Japan

I went to Expo’70 Commemorative Park and rode in the Ferris wheel last weekend. Its name is OSAKA WHEEL. The Ferris wheel is 123m tall and the height Ferris wheel in Japan. The ticket costs 1,000 yen (about $9.5) per … Continue reading

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Scanning books to downsize

I’m scanning my books to turn them into PDF recently, because I want to downsize. I moved from Yokohama to Osaka about 3 months ago, giving me the chance to downsize. I discarded many things but my books, because I … Continue reading

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The common point between “The Flash” and “Ultraman Leo”

I’m watching “The Flash” on Hulu recently. It’s really fun. The Flash is based on DC Comics character “Barry Allen / Flash”, but I haven’t seen it. This streaming show is my first “Flash” experience. I cannot believe that this … Continue reading

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Atami: Traditional Japanese Resort Town

I went to Atami after visited Hiratsuka. Do you know Atami? Atami has been known as resort town. It’s famous for hot springs, sight seeing, marine sports and candidate for casino. (Atami covet Casino. And Japanese government considered to permit it.) Hakone, … Continue reading

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The Shonan Hiratauka Tanabata Festival 2016

I went to the Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival 2016 in Hiratsuka that is a city located in west of Tolyo. Tanabata festival is as known the Star Festival. It’s one of typical Japanese festival and hold in various are in … Continue reading

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