VR Panel Deiscussion in Osaka

I watched a panel discussion themed VR (virtual reality) in an evening event of Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2016 Osaka, which is a popular event in Japanese game industry.

Panel discussion attendeers are well known among Japanese video game developers; Kojiro Yano, Jun Shimoda, Mitsuru Sugaya and Shuhei Yoshida.

Kojiro Yano is an associate professor of the Osaka Institute of Technology. He was a VR early adaptor in Japan when Oculus DK 1 was released, and contributed to build up first Japanese VR community.

Jun Shimoda is a support engineer in Epic Games Japan and well known as a enthusiastic VR supporter. He explained a circumstance surrounding Japanese VR scenes and different from the U.S. circumstance. Plus, he mentioned that Unreal Engine 4 is used by famous CG studios; ILMxLAB and so on.

Mitsuru Sugaya is a legendary cartoonist in Japan. He draw many comics related to video games and programming in early age of Japanese game industry. Game Center Arashi is his representative work.He is not retired. It means he is an active content creator! In the panel discussion, He gave a presentation his research about history of first person movies like Hardcore Henry. I didn’t know the first “first person movie” is LADY IN THE LAKE.

Shuhei Yoshida is the executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). He mentioned about PSVR shortage in Japan. Now Japanese user can’t make a PSVR reservation, because there is no room. But SIE is going to ship more PSVR to Japan. He emphasized that only PSVR can’t spread VR experiences to people all over the world. He respected rival VR products; Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and said “it’s important that all VR products make VR world more excited together.”

I enjoyed the panel discussion and meet many friends who came from Tokyo. 

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One Response to VR Panel Deiscussion in Osaka

  1. Ciron810 IP says:

    Long time lurker here.
    Thanks for your posts.
    Japan always have an original “spin” on things and being able to read a programmer point of view in English is a bless.

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