Atami: Traditional Japanese Resort Town

I went to Atami after visited Hiratsuka. Do you know AtamiAtami has been known as resort town. It’s famous for hot springs, sight seeing, marine sports and candidate for casino. (Atami covet Casino. And Japanese government considered to permit it.)

Hakone, another famous resort town, is near by Atami. My impression is that Atami is marine resort town but Hakone is mountain resort town. Both of them is a great resort and popular for visitors, but  Atami may be easier to access than Hakone, because Japanese high speed railway Shinkansen stops on Atami station.

If you have a plan to visit Atami, I can advise hotels for you. You can find many hotels in Atami. But these hotels are a little expensive. So I recommend that you’re looking for a hotel south of Atami. Atami is located at the northern end of Izu Peninsula. In fact, Izu Peninsula (not only Atami) is famous for hot springs. You can move to other towns and find reasonable hotels and interesting sites.

In my journey, I went south among Ito line which connects from Atami to Ito. There are 4 stations between Atami station and Ito station. Each stations (Nagahama, Ajiro and Usami) are in each small resort towns. My destination was Ito, that is a middle scale resort town. There are many reasonable hotels, a small shopping town and a shopping mall facing the ocean.

By the way, I found a ruined hotel; Tower Hotel Shin-Matsuya. The ruins of a hotel was nearby a shrine in deep forest. It’s scary combination! (Shirne is divine site, but sometimes scary site for Japanese.) But it is a little attractive. I wanted to know the detail of this hotel and googled it but couldn’t know well the detail. Anyway this hotel was stand out in the town. When I opened the window in a hotel I checked in, the only building I could see was this hotel. The ruins of a hotel might be very reasonable but you can’t go in.

Stop talking about the ruins of a hotel. I’d like to talk about dinner. The hotel I checked in has good hot springs and serve beautiful dinner.

Next day I was tired to walk, so I checked in a “daily use” hotel. I rested there and enjoyed hot springs again. Daily use is offered by some hotels having empty room and doesn’t allow to stay a night, but is reasonable price. Some of offers serve special lunch or dinner.

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