The common point between “The Flash” and “Ultraman Leo”

I’m watching “The Flash” on Hulu recently. It’s really fun. The Flash is based on DC Comics character “Barry Allen / Flash”, but I haven’t seen it. This streaming show is my first “Flash” experience.

I cannot believe that this is TV series. It shows good script, amazing actions and rich VFX like a movie! Everything is completely different from Japanese TV show.

Many episodes of The Flash have the following common sequence. I love it.

  1. A villiain starts criminal activities. The Flash saves citizens and policemen from the villiain.
  2. The Flash is defeated by Villain and escapes fast.
  3. The defeat sometimes depresses him. So his colleagues (who are a scientist in Star Lab) persuade him to fight again.
  4. The colleagues try to find some solutions based on science or physics to defeat the villiain. Some of the solutions require training to use.
  5. The Flash fights the villain again and defeats him/her.

That’s really fun but a little funny. Barry Allen sometimes looks pity. For example, I’ve just finished watching Episode 6. In this episode, he has been defeated 6 times.

At first, he was defeated by the villain who can transform his skin to iron. His arm was broken in the fight. His colleague built a training robot to strengthen him, but the robot knocked him down and made his shoulders out of joint. After that, he was punched by a suspected person and knocked down. And then he fought the villain again and was defeated again.

The episode has two flashback scenes when he was a kid. In the first flashback scene, he punched by his classmate and knocked down. In the second one, he was boxing training with his sister. But she dodged his all punch, hit his body many times and knocked him down.

Finally, The Flash got the knowledge and defeat the villiain.

When I watch The Flash, I remember Japanese old TV show “Ultraman Leo”. It has the same sequence; a hero is defeated at once and then train to obtain a new skill or knowledge. Ultraman is a famous hero in Japan, very strong and fight to protect human, but Leo was very weak.

Like The Flash, Leo was defeated by a villain at once. And then, his mentor gave him irrational special training to strengthen him. For example, his mentor tried to charge-attack him with the jeep. Leo dodged the jeep and shouted, “Stop! Please, stop!” but his mentor shouted, “Don’t dodge!”

I think he should dodge.

This crazy episode is known as “Jeep Special Training.” You can watch it here:

After the training, Leo obtained a new skill to defeat Villain.

Anyway, The Flash is fun, cool and a little funny. I’m really enjoying this. I started watching it with English voice and no subtitle for learning English, but now I’m addicted to The Flash. Watching The Flahs is a part of my study and my fun.

What TV program do you like? What do you recommend?

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One Response to The common point between “The Flash” and “Ultraman Leo”

  1. Katie says:

    Wow, what a great comparison. I used to watch Ultraman on TV when I was a kid. Glad to hear you like The Flash.

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