Scanning books to downsize

I’m scanning my books to turn them into PDF recently, because I want to downsize.

I moved from Yokohama to Osaka about 3 months ago, giving me the chance to downsize. I discarded many things but my books, because I want to keep them to read again.

However, I will move to the U.S. or Canada eventually. It means I have to discard these books some day. So I decided to scan all my books. Japanese people call this activity “Jisui.” It originally means “cook for my self”. But the internet slang vesion of Jisui means to scan a book to create an ebook by onself.

A couple of years ago, there was ebook readers in Japan, but without ebooks. (e.g.When kindle was released in Japan, Amazon Japan stocked a few ebooks.) I guess this is the reason why Japanese people have Jisui habit.

How do you scan a book?

At first, a document scanner is required. ScanSnap made by Fujitsu is popular for scanning books.

Next, books that I want to scan have to be cut out to pieces because the document scanner can scan only per page. Some people own a big cutting unit to do it themselves but I don’t. So I go to Kinko’s ask to cut out my book. They offer the service to cut out books. 1cm thickness costs 100 yen. It’s reasonable.

Kinko’s is a little far from home. It’s the only problem. (Kinko’s in the U.S. was renamed FedEx Office, but Kinko’s in Japan keeps its name.)

After scanning books, I discard pieces of the books on the collection day for used paper. These papers will be recycled. “Scanning books and discarding the original” might be illegal. But I have no choice.

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