OSAKA WHEEL: The heightest Ferries wheel in Japan

I went to Expo’70 Commemorative Park and rode in the Ferris wheel last weekend. Its name is OSAKA WHEEL. The Ferris wheel is 123m tall and the height Ferris wheel in Japan.

The ticket costs 1,000 yen (about $9.5) per seat. The fast pass costs more 500 yen. The Ferris wheel has two VIP gondolas that costs 8,000 yen for a gondola that has eight seats. It means that a VIP ticket is to rent a gondola entirely. It sounds useful to ride in a gondola without other groups. But unless the Ferris wheel is not crowded, one gondola is assigned to one group, so VIP ticket should be used for anniversary or propose.

OSAKA WHEEL was very fun but scary a little because the floor of the gondola was see-through!

The photo can’t tell you real fear. Next time I will use my stereoscopic camera.

OSAKA WHEEL is located in Lalaport Expo City that is a large shopping mall. I wrote about 4DX theater before. The 4DX theater is located there, too. There Expo’70 Commemorative Park is a good site for sightseeing because there are both of commemorative buildings and modern buildings.


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