Kings Glaive Final Fantasy XV

I watched a movie, Kings Glaive Final Fantasy XV, last weekend. Have you heard of this title? This film is a computer-animated film made in Japan. The story and the world is based on Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) which is the latest title in the Final Fantasy franchise which is one of the most popular video game franchises in Japan. Kings Glaive is the 3rd film of the franchise.

When Square Enix Co, Ltd. announced the film, I was not interested in that. Their first Final Fantasy film, The Spirits Within (IMDb), was notorious for the quality. The second film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (IMDb), was not bad, but it required the experience of playing Final Fantasy VII.

To be honest, I was biased against recently Final Fantasy franchise. Early titles of the franchise was a pretty good fantasy RPG, but recently titles introduced Sci-Fi and changed the design concept for teenagers. Heroes look like a J-pop or K-pop singer, not a warrior or magicians. They speak difficult words, and their motivation is a little difficult to sympathize.

But my friends who watched Kings Glaive praised the film. And my Twitter timeline was filled with positive comments about the film. So I changed my mind and decided to try watching it.

As a result, Kings Glaive was purely one of incredible fantasy action films. The computer-animation quality was sophisticated. I can’t believe this computer-animated film is made in Japan. The film is located as a prequel of FFXV, but the film didn’t require the knowledge of Final Fantasy. The story of the film ends up in the film. The hero in the film was middle age. His motivation was understandable and sympathizable. He sweat, injured and struggled like other action films’ heroes. Unfortunately, the official trailer doesn’t tell it to you.

Unbelievably, the film was made as one of the FFXV advertisement campaign. Square Enix need to boost the exposure of FFXV until its release day because they spent about ten years to build this latest game and will launch it at the end of September. But I feel that the film was not limited by the advertisement campaign.

Maybe Kings Glaive will be available in your country as a retail disk or stream (maybe PSN). You should watch it, even if the first Final Fantasy film and the second one had let you down, or even if you are not interested in the Final Fantasy franchise.

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