​ Kindle Unlimited was launched in Japan

Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited in Japan on August 3rd. In the U.S, this same service began in July 2014. We, Japanese had been waiting for a year.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service. I pay 980 yen (about $10) per a month to get e-books unlimited times from specific lined-up titles. The service in Japan offers over 240 magazines, 120 thousand Japanese titles and 1.2 million English titles.

I don’t know how the U.S. people feel about Kindle Unlimited, but I found the article “Kindle Unlimited Isn’t Worth Your Money.” It describes that Kindle Unlimited offers a poor selection of books and doesn’t save customers’ money.

However, I think the Japanese version is a good deal for Japanese game developers till now because offering some popular magazines (e.g. CG World and MdN) which a lot of game developers buy every month. Both CG World and MdN are more expensive than the subscription price! I make sure that I can save money with the subscription until Kindle Unlimited stops offering the magazines.

I feel that the Japanese version could be valuable even if it doesn’t provide both CG World and MdN. Because the Japanese version offers other fascinating categories of books; comics, English education, and technology books.

Comics (manga) might be the most valuable content in the Japanese version. Amazon Unlimited doesn’t offer new books published recently, but it doesn’t no matter for comics because a value of comics doesn’t depend on newness, unlike technology books. I can get a lot of classic masterpieces drawn by famous cartoonists.

English education books in Kindle Unlimited are convenient for me. It said that Amazon Unlimited doesn’t offer popular and bestseller books, but I can find some popular books written about English test.

Few technology books are there in Amazon Unlimited, but not popular. However, I found it’s very useful for beginning new things. For example, I can’t get the books writing about Haskell programming language deeply on Amazon Unlimited but can get introductory books written for newcomers.

Lastly, Kindle Unlimited in Japan offers a lot of porn comics and porn novels. I make sure that the service is a good deal.

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