Japan Life: How to exterminate cockroaches

You can find many kinds of insecticides in a drug store, but I think a bug bomb must work for cockroaches. Because I have exterminated all cockroaches in my room. Also, a bug bomb achieves results in one day. Plus, it can kill other kinds of noxious insects.

Today I will write about a Japanese bug bomb.


The most famous product of bug bombs in Japan is Vursan (バルサン). Vursan is a longevity product. The launch date is 1954! It said that Vursan was named after Varcasan that was a popular organochlorine insecticide in the U.S. at that time.

There are other brands of bug bombs in Japan, but Vursan is stand out. Sometimes, Japanese people use “Vursan” as verb; “I will vursan this weekend.” or “I have vursaned two times.” Even if I use another brand, I can say “I will vursan…”

How to get Vursan?

You can buy Vursan in drug stores or convenient stores. You might find many kinds of Vursan because Vursan is now a brand name and has a wide variety of products.

You can buy any types because each Vursan is designed to exterminate cockroaches. But I recommend that you should check two keywords; “Water type” and “Fire alarm cover.”

“Water type” means pouring water activates Vursan. Find a Chinese character “水(water)” on a package like this. Water type has an average spec. It’s not too strong nor too weak. Too strong insecticides threatens your health, but too weak one cannot exterminate cockroaches. So I recommend water type.

“Fire alarm cover” is necessary because a bug bomb triggers a fire alarm which is located on a ceiling. Certain kinds of Vursan come with a fire alarm cover. Find this Japanese sentence “火災警報器カバー入り.” If a fire alarm is activated, it’s difficult to stop the alert.

How to use Vursan?

Make locked room by closing all windows and doors to fulfill the room with poisonous smokes of Vursan. Open cupboard, closet and drawer because cockroaches tend to hide inside of them.

Next, you should carry out things, which you or your family will touch later, from the room. The things are toys, dishes, PCs, phones, foods, and chairs. Or you have to cover them with a large garbage bag.

And then, find a fire alarm on a ceiling in your room and put the cover:

Even if you don’t use Vursan in a room having the alarm, you should put it just in case. After putting the cover, pour water into Vursan by following the manual and go outside for two hours.

When you go back at home, ventilate by opening doors and opening window. When you ventilate enough, remove the cover from the fire alarm.

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