Hiroshima Carp is going to win the Central League Championship

My favorite baseball team, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, has been kept the top in Central League and is going to win Championship. I’m so happy but can not believe it. Is this real? Or dream?

About Hiroshima Toyo Carp

Hiroshima Carp was established as a symbol of hope for atomic bomb surviver in 1949. The first owner of the team was Hiroshima citizen, so the team is called “citizen baseball team.” In the early period, the team did not have money so it managed to survive by a donation from the citizens. The team was the weakest team in Central League.

And then, Mazda, which is a local automaker, owned the team temporary and improved it. And then, Mazda made the team independent. (Because the name of Mazda was Toyo industory at that time, the proper name of the Carp became Hiroshima ‘Toyo’ Carp and the Carp keeps it to show thanks.) By that, the Carp had been one of the strongest teams in Central League for 16 years and won Championship many times.

However, changing rules and regulations in the Cental League worked against to poor baseball team, Carp. It said that introducing FA (Free Agent) system gave a critical impact to the Carp. Anyway, the Carp has not been won Championship for 25 years.

This season

When this season started, I thought Carp lost the power and became weaker than last season because Kenta Maeda, who had been an ace pitcher for a long time, moved to MLB before this season. However, it’s not true. Some veteran players did ‘Comeback.’ Young players did ‘Awakens.’ Hiring foreign players to reinforce the team was succeeded. It looks that all players are playing with confidence. Carp became completely different team than before.

The Carp is running away with the pennant race and also the best offense team in the Central League.

As you see, the Carp is at the top of all kinds of batting stats; total score (得点), total home runs (本塁打), total stolen base (盗塁) and run average (打率). Also, the Carp is the best deffense team in the Central League; the fewest of total losing score (失点) and the best ERA (防御率). Plus, the Carp has gotten a come-from-behind win over 40 games in this season. In a word, the Carp is really strong.


I regretted that I haven’t watched baseball nor cheered the Carp in this season, but I needed to spare time for learning English. But I am going to watch the remaining games as much as possible.

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3 Responses to Hiroshima Carp is going to win the Central League Championship

  1. larecluta says:

    Hiroshima Carp it’s my favourite team too! Beautiful post!

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