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UR Housing – a fair deal to rent apartment in Japan

Even for Japanese people, it’s not easy to rent a suitable apartment in Japan. But it’s much harder for foreigners. “10 things you need to rent an apartment in Japan” is a good reference. Finding a Japanese guarantor is one … Continue reading

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Carp captured first Central League pennant in 25 years

On last Saturday, my favorite baseball team defeated the Yomiuri Giants, which was the second place team, and captured first Central League pennant in 25 years. It was dramatic because the starting pitcher was Hiroki Kuroda, who was a previous … Continue reading

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Hiroshima Carp is going to win the Central League Championship

My favorite baseball team, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, has been kept the top in Central League and is going to win Championship. I’m so happy but can not believe it. Is this real? Or dream? About Hiroshima Toyo Carp Hiroshima Carp … Continue reading

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Japan Life: How to exterminate cockroaches

You can find many kinds of insecticides in a drug store, but I think a bug bomb must work for cockroaches. Because I have exterminated all cockroaches in my room. Also, a bug bomb achieves results in one day. Plus, … Continue reading

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​ Kindle Unlimited was launched in Japan

Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited in Japan on August 3rd. In the U.S, this same service began in July 2014. We, Japanese had been waiting for a year. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service. I pay 980 yen (about $10) per … Continue reading

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Japan Life: The riding rate of a commuting train

At the end of July, Yuriko Koike won the Tokyo gubernatorial election by a wide margin. She is the first woman governor in Tokyo. Before the election, she set her goals in her speech; “no crowded trains” and “no overtime … Continue reading

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Interview in Japan: Show your adaptability

This entry is so crazy, but I’m writing this for foreign people who want to get a job in Japan. As you know, different countries have different cultures. Japanese companies have different cultures from foreign companies. The difference is based … Continue reading

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