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XC doesn’t have re-implementation

Mr. onokazu told me the definition of “glue frameworks”. It can integrate other libraries and be integrated to other frameworks. For example, CakePHP is not a glue framework, because it is ALL-IN-ONE. The new XC core will have the main … Continue reading

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XC Download

I’ve released an application called “XC Download Test”. That is a test implementation of the agent who checks updates, downloads MODs and uploads those to your server. The agent will make it fun to build your site and keep it. … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube will orient to mobile gadget

I’m busy same as always. I don’t have time to touch PC and Web. So I’m using iPhone well to enjoy internet. Now I can not write an entry of my blog, because I don’t use PC at my home.(I … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.7 RC released!

Hi all, The project released XOOPS Cube Legacy (aka Package_Legacy) 2.1.7 RC. This is a minor upgrade version from 2.1.6a, contains many fixes and many enhancements and includes all patches of 2.1.6a security fix. Please test this RC and report … Continue reading

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Abstraction by Include/Link Switch

The virtual function is often used as one of solutions to accept the same source code to different environment. This way makes surface of source code beautiful, but it is not good performance because virtual functions are heavy process. Programers … Continue reading

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The report of OSC 2009 Tokyo/Spring

Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Spring was closed. That was very exciting event for Japanese OSS developers. I hosted a certain coursework, participated in the CMS Panel Discussion as member of the panel and spoke about XCL 2.2 in the Hodajuku … Continue reading

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The preparation for the next OSC

Here is Yokohama. This is one of the biggest city in Japan. I came to buy some goods that I will need in Open Source Conference 2009 (OSC 2009). I’ve written about OSC in this blog once or twice. That … Continue reading

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