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The Embedded Script Language for XNA

I’ve been developing an Embedded Script Language for XNA these days. XNA provides easy video game development environment for our freetime projects, but there are few libraries for C# game development. Especially, I wanted an embeded script language like Lua … Continue reading

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When I got the relation to Public Domain Software, my main PC was X68000 (made by SHARP) that is one of the best PC in Japan PC’s history. X68000 had an excellent architecture, the best world to enjoy creations and … Continue reading

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Is little endian or big endian?

I saw interesting code to check endian. bool isLittle(){ unsigned int val = 1; return *((unsigned char *)&val);} If a machine is little-endian, ‘val’ is reversed and stored to a memory. That may be implementation-dependent way. But I think that … Continue reading

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ImpressCMS is available

Oh, ImpressCMS that was forked from XOOPS became available. The biggest feature of Impress CMS is that developers write programs. Any abilities for action are a nice. They changed their wish to their result. Cool! And, it seems that ImpressCMS … Continue reading

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The 10 reasons why you should touch XOOPS Cube

3S ConceptXOOPS Cube has the “3S” concept — Simple, Secure and Scalable. Cube is very simple core, because Cube is a platform to enjoy using/creating CMS environment. In addition, Cube has some policies and features to keep security. One of … Continue reading

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I bought iMac

Although I bought mac mini a few week ago, I bought also iMac. This iMac has enough spec for Vista, 3D Games and 3D Game Programming, so I could restart all of my free time projects. Am I rich? No, … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube 2.1.3 released

The following is a copy of Relese Note and Changelog. Download from here. — XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.3 has been released. This is a minor upgrade version, contains many bug fixes contributed by volunteers and implements some feature requests. Changes:[Bug … Continue reading

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