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One render-target of the site

The next XOOPS Cube and its CVS didn’t become any topics in Japan, but Early Adopters from overseas have mailed some technical questions to me. One of those points out a defect of XOOPS Cube’s spec. Normally, output of CMS … Continue reading

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The impact of Xbox LIVE community games

Revolutiooooon! Microsoft announced the great plan in GDC. In the near future, we will be able to share games that are developed in XNA through XBOX live that is a kind of social networks. Developers of creators club register their … Continue reading

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Busy at the office

My recent weekday’s schedule is: 23:45 Come home. 00:50 Go to the bed. 07:00 Uprising. 07:40 Go to work. In XCL 2.1 development, I’ve cut out sleeping to get free time. I was tired by overnight efforts sometimes. I feel … Continue reading

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How to export collision model in a free time project?

In a free time project, how do you export collision models? I have run into this problem at cubson GUI Force development. Each designer who had joined to a project has different 3D tools from each other — Maya, XSI, … Continue reading

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I began Twitter. Is it too late? Twitter may be useful as “asynchronous” IM for the time different. BTW, I was surprised at a certain feature of Twitter when I signed up. Twitter can search my web mail box and … Continue reading

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Namespace List of XBOX .Net compact framework

The following is namespace list of .NET compact framework that we can use in XBOX. The list is not on the help for some reason. System System.CodeDom.Compiler System.Collections System.Collections.Generic System.Collections.ObjectModel System.Collections.Specialized System.ComponentModel System.Configuration.Assemblies System.Diagnostics System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis System.Globalization System.IO System.Net System.Reflection System.Resources … Continue reading

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Download Revolution

Default Functions are important for most software, because end-users don’t build software with compilers normally. Therefore software project has to build an execution file implementing suitable functions and release the file for end-users. But, users discuss what suitable functions are, … Continue reading

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